Pastoral Care, Prayer, and Support Form

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Requester Information

In times of joy and celebration, as well as moments of challenge and sorrow, the strength of our church family lies in our ability to come together in support, compassion, and prayer. Recognizing the diverse and interconnected needs that touch the lives of our congregation, we introduce the Pastoral Care, Prayer, and Support Request Form—a means through which individuals can receive or extend a helping hand during moments of spiritual, physical, or emotional need.


This form serves as a conduit for fostering a sense of community, empathy, support, and encouragement within our church family. Whether you are personally facing a difficulty or are aware of a fellow member in need, this tool empowers you to initiate the flow of care, prayer, and support that defines the essence of our congregation. These requests are meant to be short-term and hope-focused. If your needs go beyond the means of our church, we will try to connect you with support outside of our church and church family.
Request Details

If this is a Death Notification: 
First, we are sorry for your loss. 
Use this section to inform the church of the passing of a member or the death of a loved one. This allows us to surround the affected individual and their family with love, prayer, and practical support.

If this is a Pastoral Care Notification:

Specify the name and relevant details of the individual for whom support is being sought. In the spirit of Christian love, you can submit this form on behalf of yourself or someone else.

You can add details like:

Spiritual Support: Share your or the recipient's spiritual needs, such as prayer, pastoral counseling, or visitation.

Physical Support: Detail any physical assistance required, such as meals, transportation, or other practical needs.


Emotional Support: Describe emotional challenges, seeking comfort and understanding through the caring arms of our church community.

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Confidentiality: Rest assured, all information provided will be handled with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality. Our pastoral care team is committed to respecting privacy while ensuring the timely and appropriate support required.

Together, let us be the embodiment of Christ’s love by extending a helping hand, a listening ear, and fervent prayers to one another, fostering a community bound by faith, compassion, and shared humanity.

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Please fill out this form and click submit. Someone from the church will follow up with you soon.